Tarrant County

Candidate Fair

We apologize for Website being down, our page was hacked last night shortly after the event.

The Final Results are below that match the last voter in line.

FYI Percentages are rounded up or down to the nearest percentage.
3123 in attendance with 1414 People Voting in the 2022 Straw Poll.


List will be updated


Texas Governor

Paul Belew

Kandy Kaye Horn

Rick Perry

Don Huffines

Chad Prather

Allen B. West
Danny Harrison
Greg Abbott


Texas Lt Governor
Daniel Miller

Dan Patrick

Zach Vance

Aaron Sorrells

Trayce Bradford

Todd M Bullis

Texas Attorney General

Ken Paxton

Eva Guzman
George P. Bush
Louie Gohmert

Texas Comptroller

Mark V Goloby

Glenn Hegar

Texas Commissioner of the General Land Office

Don Minton

Dr. Tim Westley

Ben Armenta
Weston Martinez

Victor Avila

Dawn Buckingham
Jon Spiers
Rufus Lopez


Texas Agriculture Commissioner

Carey A. Counsil
James White
Sid Mille

Texas Railroad Commissioner

Wayne Christian

Dawayne Tipton

Sarah Stogner

Tom Slocum Jr.
Marvin "Sarge" Summers


Texas Supreme Court of Texas, Justice Pl 9

David J Schenck
Evan Young

Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, Justice Pl 5

Clint Morgan
Scott Walker


Texas SBOE District 11

Patricia "Pat" Hardy

Rebecca Garcia

"DC" Caldwell

Joshua J. Tarbay


Texas SBOE District 13

Ajua Mason

Kathryn Monette

Natelie Kohn

A Denise Russell

Texas State Senate District 10

Warren Norred

Phil King

Texas State Senate District 12

Tan Parker

Chris Russell

Texas State Representative District 91

Anthony Reed

Stephanie Klick
Benjamin Damico

David Silvey
David Lowe


Texas State Representative District 93

Laura Hill

Cary Moon
Nate Schatzline

Texas State Representative District 98

Mitchell T. Ryan

Giovanni Capriglione

231th District Court

Judge Jesse Nevarez

Judge William Nolen

323rd District Court

Pia Ledderman

Judge Alex Kim

324th DistrictCourt

Elizabeth "Liz" Rivera

Judge Beth A. Poulos


325th DistrictCourt

Judge Lori DeAngelis Griffith

Judge Cynthia Favila-Terry

371st District Court

Ryan Hill

William A. Knight

372nd District Court

Julie Lugo
Pamela Boggess

Tarrant County Criminal District Court #04

Judge Andy Porter
Glynis McGinty


Tarrant County District Attorney

Matt Krause
Mollee Westfall

Phil Sorrells


Tarrant County Judge

Robert Trevor Buker

Byron Bradford

Betsy Price
Kristen Collins
Tim O'Hare

Tarrant County Criminal Court #05

Mamie Johnson

Brad Clark
Chris McGregor

Tarrant County Criminal Court #06

Virginia Carter

Randi Hartin

Tarrant County Criminal Court #09

Brian Bolton
Deborah A. Adame
Steven Jumes

Tarrant County Criminal Court #10

Don Hase
Trent Loftin

Tarrant County District Clerk

Larry Mike
Tom Wilder


Tarrant County Commissioner Precinct 4

Joe D. "Jody" Johnson
Larry Dale Carpenter, Jr.
Manny Rameriz

Tarrant County Justice of the Peace Pct. 7

Larry Wilshire
Matt Hayes

Tarrant County Constable Precinct 4

Jason Scott Bedford

Carolyn  Gilmore